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Download Vacation Rental Agreement Sample Template Lodgify

Updated: May 22, 2020

It is very important to add an agreement to your website so that you can easily show and establish a good and right connection between you and your customer with filling out the agreement. Lodgify vacation rental agreement have all the options you need.

There are many options for the property like street address, city, state, zip, phone or contact number.

For your confirmation like: check-in, check-out, after-before-AM-PM, Number of adults and number of children, number of pets.

Many options for rental rate and fees like prices per night, prices per week, prices, per month, taxes, any additional charges, deposits and more but the original downloadable document is in US dollar currency, you can change or edit the document in your desired currency you need.

The sample for Lodgify vacation rental agreement have all the options like: Property, Rental Party. Maximum Occupancy, Term of the lease, minimum stay, rental rules, access, rental rate and fees, deposit options, rental rate options, cancellation policy options, insurance and all payment options like, all payments, manual PayPal payments, for other manual payment options.

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This is a sample vacation rental agreement only. You should always seek the legal advice of an attorney before finalizing any legally binding document. Please ensure you review and update your agreement regularly in order to comply with changing local, state or federal laws.

All text boxes should be completed by the homeowner as it is relevant to your property. You should also revise in order to accurately represent your property and its rules, features, etc.

Please note: This sample vacation rental agreement is by no means a substitute for the advice of an experienced attorney.

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Do you have any questions or queries for any Lodgify or other vacation rental support? So please kindly add comment so that i can resolve and we can discuss.

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